Alumni Video

Barry University Homecoming 2020: Alumni Video Reflections

As we lead up to the virtual Barry University Homecoming, we are requesting that alumni offer video reflections on the Barry experiences that stand out the most for them. These reflections can cover a wide variety of Barry experiences. Here are some suggestions:

  • A favorite professor
  • A favorite class
  • Friends and roommates
  • Life lessons learned while being a member of the Barry campus community
  • Favorite experiences from residence life
  • Sporting events
  • Club participation

How do you submit a video?

  • These videos can be filmed by alumni with the use of a high-resolution camera phone
  • Each reflection should be between 45 seconds – 60 seconds long
  • Make sure the lighting is appropriate for the best resolution
  • Be natural and have fun!

Videos that meet publication standards will be posted on the Barry University Alumni social media pages. We encourage all alumni that have their videos posted to share their reflections with their Barry alumni network and beyond.

To share your video for Homecoming, please complete and submit the form provided below:

Release for use of video

I acknowledge that I am over 18 years old and hereby give full permission irrevocably and in perpetuity to Barry University, its successors, assigns, subsidiaries, and affiliated companies, if any, its advertising agencies and all others acting for or on behalf of the foregoing, including any publisher (all hereinafter called Grantee), to make, reproduce, broadcast or telecast, publish, or otherwise use throughout the universe (either alone or in conjunction with other materials) as well as for any videotape or motion picture film footage on which I appear, any photographs, film soundtrack recordings, films and/or kinescopes, incorporating my photo, likeness and/or voice or one or more of them, either in whole or in part, prepared or to be prepared hereinafter at any time, and from time to time and in any manner or in any media whatsoever for purposes of trade and advertising including, but not limited to, print, radio, television, or motion pictures. It is understood that I am not entitled to remuneration/compensation of any kind.

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